Sitefinity Content Management System

Sitefinity CMS provides an intuitive interface that feels instantly familiar to anyone who has used Microsoft Word. It stands out among other content management systems for its ease of use and extensive range of rich features. Everything you need for your company's Web site or Intranet Portal is included:
  • Sleek What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get page editing, with drag and drop capabilities;
  • Easy user management which can combine various sources of membership providers - for example, Web users and internal company users (Active Directory);
  • Mobile design: Deliver engaging content to multiple devices; you can use the same page template and Sitefinity will automatically adapt it to the screen size of any device;
  • Easy deployment to Windows Azure (Cloud hosting);
  • Easy load-balancing configuration (for companies requiring more than a single server);
  • Granular page permissions: You may set various user permissions not only per page but also per objects on each page;
  • Newsletters and email campaigns: set up subscription forms and manage your newsletters in a friendly and efficient environment;
  • Site search: Have all content on your site searchable, not only pages but also Microsoft Word documents, PDF documents, etc.
  • Other standard CMS modules such as News, Forums, Events, etc.
Sitefinity CMS Partner EndorMedia is a Sitefinity CMS Partner.
Over the years we've tested plenty of CMS applications. We now base our CMS projects on Sitefinity simply because our clients have made the choice for us, prefering it over all others.

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Our own EndorMedia CMS or a Sitefinity CMS enriched by our custom-made modules.

Sitefinity CMS Partner EndorMedia is a Sitefinity CMS Partner. more